Crystal Bottle Cloud White

Make your crystal-energized water experience truly your own. The inu!Collection is a system of modular Bottles and gem-filled Crystal Jars designed for high-vibe crystal personalization on-the-go. We think of it as the younger, sportier cousin of the ViA Collection, the original crystal water bottle by VitaJuwel. The inu! Collection adds a new dimension to the the mix, building on the simple fact that wellness is personal. We hope you enjoy exploring as you build a collection just for you.

Everyone is unique. The beauty of inu! is that there are 3 ways to make it your own. You can keep it pure and simple with the base inu! bottle and its cache of precious clear quartz. You can explore and collect our Crystal Jars with their ready-made gemstone blends. Or, get creative with your personal collection of stones and fill the crystal chamber with blends you of your own.