Organic coconut wax aromatherapy candle 

PLANT NAME  mentha piperita

ORIGIN  india

AROMA  sweet mint

Invigorate your favourite workspace with a sweet cooling aroma. Promote energy and clarity and increase productivity and peace in your home or office.


Indigenous to Europe and the Middle East, there are more than 25 species of mentha. Many hybrids have come to exist, both organically and through intentional cultivation.

In the Western world, we commonly use a hybrid of mentha (watermint) and piperita (spearmint). The sharp yet subtle scent is associated with increased mental clarity and focus.


  • Proprietary organic coconut wax
  • 100% essential oil extracted through steam distillation of fresh flowering tops and young twigs
  • 100% cotton wick

There are no harmful synthetics in our products, only pure natural ingredients! Our candles are petroleum-free, soy-free, lead-free, cruelty-free, and non-GMO. They are packaged with recyclable materials.

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